Non-Human Biospecimen Sharing

The Longevity Consortium partners with the Integrated Longevity Omics project to provide non-human biospecimen samples to researchers within the academic community to support and further their research.  These samples have been gathered over decades and multiple funding sources, and are monitored as to their use – particularly in the case of rare or protected species, and limited sample quantity.  A Biospecimen Committee has oversight of use of these samples.  The Committee is chaired by Richard A. Miller, M.D. PhD, Professor of Pathology at the University of Michigan.  It is the Committee’s expectation that the data, results and publications that result from use of these samples will be shared as per NIH data policies and Public Access Policy: data and analytical results will be shared after they have undergone quality control (within 3 months of data generation) and made available broadly to all qualified users at the time of acceptance of the first manuscript, or within 6 months of data deposition, whichever comes first.


A. Overview of request process

1.    Download and complete the PDF request form 

2.    Confirm section 2 – Proposal details / nonprofit and academic status

3.    Confirm section 5 – Data and Results Sharing and Publication

4.    Attach a research proposal

5.    Confirm section 8 – Electronic signature

6.    Email form and proposal to Richard Miller at,


B. If form is completed entirely, the Committee hopes to meet these timelines:

C. Reference information